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Online Certificate  Application And  Status Inquiry
Newborn Registration Service
Use this online service to apply for birth, marriage, or death certificates.  With the Premium Online service level option, we guarantee that your certificate will be delivered in as little as 5 business days, or your money back! More
Have you registered your baby yet? Use the Office of the Registrar General's 3-in-1 online service - the easiest way to register your newborn baby's birth and fastest way to apply for a birth certificate and Social Insurance Number all at the same time. More
Adoption Information Disclosure
Service Guarantee for new business registrations
If you were adopted or gave a child up for adoption, and the adoption is registered in Ontario, there are important changes taking place to adoption information disclosure laws that you should know about. More

We will send you an electronic copy of your Master Business Licence via email within two (2) business days when you successfully register a new business name online, and provide us with your email address. More

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