The Syria of today offers tourists as much a cultural experience as a sightseeing one, where ancient history provides a fascinating backdrop to everyday life on the streets                          




For a small coastal town, Latakia has developed considerably in the last few decades. To stop Syria's dependence on Iskanderoun and the Lebanese ports, Latakia was equipped with a modern harbor more than 20 years ago. It now has a University and is linked to Aleppo on the national railway lines. As Syria's primary port it has great economic significance for the rest of the country. 

Latakia has the best beaches in Syria and to harness this, two or three luxury resorts are situated a few miles north of the city. Also built on the coast is the great sports complex built for the Mediterranean games that were held here in 1988. 

Historically, Latakia does not offer much, it has a quite modern feel to it. However the ancient excavation site of Ugarit and Saladin's castle are not far away, and Latakia is often used as a base for visiting these sites.

Latakia is situated 341 Km from Damascus and can be visited via Tartous or Homs, while it is only 183 Km from Aleppo and can be visited by train.

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