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About Islam

Religion is an important part of any Syrian, whether Muslim or Christian. 

Muslims in Syria are over 80%, and most Syrian Muslims follow the teachings of their religion quite whole heartedly.

Islam, the third Monotheistic religion, was started by the Prophet Muhammad, a descendant of a long line of prophets, including Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and David (Peace be upon them). Muhammad (P), had through the Angel Gabriel the revelation of the Koran, the word of Allah (The word 'Allah' translates into 'The GOD'). Islam spread like a field on fire, and was soon taken as the main religion of Syria.

The five most important rites of Islam come under the name the 'Five Pillars of Faith'. These constitute the Prayer (Salat) which is five time a day, Fasting (Siyam) throughout the month of Ramadan (abstaining from food or drink from dawn till dusk), and Charity (Zakat) must be given at a certain percentage of annual revenue. The fourth is the Proclamation of faith (Al Shahadeh) which is 'I believe that there is no God but Allah (The GOD), and that Muhammad is God's messenger'. The final one, is the Pilgrimage to Mecca (Al Hajj) at least once in your life (if you are healthily and financially able to).

There is an ablution ritual that Muslims must perform before prayer. This (Al Wudu') is the cleaning of the hands, mouth, nose, and face three times with running water, then the washing of both arms to the elbows (starting with the right), also three times. This is followed by cleaning the ears and behind the ears, followed by the top of the head, and then both feet (also 3 times starting with the right).

The Muezzin's 'call to prayer' from Syria's many mosques will be heard five times a day. At dawn, noon, early afternoon, dusk, and at night (which is accomplished between dusk and the dawn of the new day). Many Muslim's leave in the middle of their work to go and pray in the mosque with fellow Muslims. While others tend to pray at home or at work, on a prayer mat (carpet). 

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