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Investment in Canada

Invest in Canada

Welcome to Canada's one-stop centre for investment services. Let us show you why investing in Canada makes good business sense!

Canada: the best place to do business - The Economist

According to The Economist, infrastructure, trade and market opportunities make Canada the best country in which to conduct business.

Economic Environment

Business Environment

  • Canada emerged as a leading technology hub out of the seven largest technology centres in North America, as it leapt to second place in the 2003 Deloitte Technology Fast 500. (October 14 2003) 

  • Canadian companies are ranked 1st in corporate governance (study conducted by GovernanceMetrics International, reviewed by Bloomberg, July 28 2003)

  • Canada ranks 1st in the global business environment rankings forecast for 2003 - 2007 (The Economist Intelligence Unit, World Investment Prospects 2003 - 2007, July 2003)

  • Canada ranks 3rd among 47 countries, 1st in the G-7 nations, for a fairly administered justice system. (The International Institute of Management Development's World Competitiveness Yearbook 2002)

  • Canadian business ranked 5th least likely in the world to accept bribes. (Transparency International's Bribe Payers Index 2002)

Labour Force

  • Canadians are at the top of the class, holding the highest percentage of university degrees and college diplomas among major industrialized countries. (Statistics Canada, 2001 Census figures released March 11, 2003)

Connectivity and e-Business

Quality of Life

  • Calgary, Alberta ranks 1st in the world as the cleanest city in which to live (Mercer Human Resources Consulting's Quality of Living report, March 2003)

  • Vancouver, B.C. ranks 2nd in the world in quality of life (Mercer Human Resources Consulting's Quality of Living report, March 2003)

Establishing a Business in Canada

Canada makes it easy to set up a business! We've gathered together information on laws, regulations, immigration, finance, and other issues of interest to investors.

Setting Up a Business in Canada

Canada makes it easy to set up a business. The links below will give you a good overview of the laws and regulations that may apply to your situation. For further assistance and more specific information, contact the Canadian diplomatic mission nearest you.

Establishing a Business in Canada

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  1. Introduction to the Legal Structure of Canada

  2. Business Structures

  3. Mobility and Immigration

  4. Finance

  5. Marketing

  6. Employment Law

  7. Taxation

  8. Competition/Antitrust Law

  9. International Trade

  10. Environmental Protection

  11. Patent, Copyright, Industrial Design and Personal Privacy

  12. Technology Law

  13. Real Estate

  14. Regulation of Foreign Investment

This information has been prepared by the Canadian law firm of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP ("Gowlings") to provide an overview to those interested in establishing a business in Canada. It should not be regarded or relied upon as complete, or as legal advice or opinions. Investment Partnerships Canada and Gowlings are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information. Readers wishing to rely upon this information should consult Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP directly

Other useful links

  • Guide for Canadian Small Business
    Information prepared for Canadians on starting a small business in Canada, including tax, programs and credits that foreign businesses will find of value.

  • Business Start-Up Assistant
    A Canadian Web gateway to a wealth of essential information on starting a business in Canada. The gateway is designed for a Canadian audience but contains valuable information for foreign businesses contemplating an investment in Canada. Organized by topic and province, the BSA provides reliable information from government and non-government sources.

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