The Syria of today offers tourists as much a cultural experience as a sightseeing one, where ancient history provides a fascinating backdrop to everyday life on the streets                          




"In order to adapt to the new continent, discover its spirit and learn to survive in its environment, our ancestors had to borrow the ways and customs of our native peoples--a first instance of the cultural interaction which was to recur every time a new ethnic group landed here. Haphazardly brought together along trails, roads and portages, our families mingled their labours, sufferings and joys, joined their traditions and buttressed their courage, so that this country could develop socially, politically and economically. "

"We claimed an immense, almost unfathomable land in which "the soul-- or the personality--seems to have indefinite room to expand," said the poet Rupert Brooke." ....

"By no means must we renounce our national personality, our regional characteristics or our distinctive cultural traits, whoever we are or wherever we live in Canada. On the contrary, we must assert the Canadian identity, establish once and for all what this identity consists of, and express it more vigorously through our actions, both individual and collective. " ...

"We have been obsessed with this search for identity for a long time. "The future of Canada, I believe, depends very largely upon the cultivation of a national spirit", proclaimed the parliamentarian Edward Blake, scarcely six years after Confederation; "we must find some common ground on which to unite, some common aspiration to be shared, and I think it can be found alone in the cultivation of that national spirit to which I have referred." But for a long time the linguistic duality and regional diversity of Canada have been perceived as almost insurmountable obstacles to the creation of "a peculiar national temperament and bent of mind", in the words used by Archibald Lampman in the 1880s." ...

"This country, which Jean Talon already called Canada three centuries ago, has moulded us and has made us much more alike than we generally think. With our tendency to emphasize our distinctive characteristics as members of one linguistic community or another, or inhabitants of one region or another, we must often be reminded by foreigners how much we have in common. We are all too prone to reduce culture to language or ethnic origin and, consequently, to underestimate the cultural values which we share."

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