The Syria of today offers tourists as much a cultural experience as a sightseeing one, where ancient history provides a fascinating backdrop to everyday life on the streets                          



A few last words

We hope this guide has given you some understanding of what it means to live in Canada. We've tried to combine practical information with an idea of the values and beliefs which keep us together as Canadians, and as a country. As you journey towards Canadian citizenship, we sincerely hope this information helps you feel at home, feel that special sense of belonging. We are a nation of newcomers, and we welcome you to our family.

"I've become a Canadian citizen and feel proud, happy and lucky. I was so grateful to Canada. I had missed my childhood and now was starting another period of my life. I think every Canadian should be proud. Even if I am a different colour, I have my rights. I am a Canadian."

Channa Som, Survivor, Cambodian "killing fields."

"To me, Canada is a unique combination of many things and many people from many places. It's a creation that the world -- and we -- should cherish and nourish.

Serge Radchuk, originally from Ukraine.

"I'll never forget the immigration officer I met at Dorval. He had an enormous, long ginger handlebar moustache that looked like a flaming sword. This man turned to me and spontaneously said, 'Welcome to Canada.' I was so touched that he knew I needed some reassurance and that he would understand my feeling of nervousness."

Hubert de Santana, originally from Kenya.

Please Note

This guide contains information that was current at the time of publication. It features information from many sources, and should not be confused with official statements of policy or programming. The Government of Canada is not responsible for information that changes between printings.

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