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Architecture and Artifacts


Intact bowl with four main compartments and a central compartment. Discovered during 1989 in locus 221006. The bowl is 17 cm. in diameter and stands 6.5 cm. tall. Thickness along the rim is 1.2 cm.

Two glazed pottery vessels (a carafe and bowl) were found a storage and food preparation area within the elite house.

The size and quality of construction of the house, as well as its location, would indicate that it was an elite residence of either Tuneinir¼s governor or its wealthiest family. Artifacts found in associated with this house include 12th and 13th century copper coins minted in Aleppo, Mayafarakin, and Sinjar.

The glass sherd on the left is from Tell Tuneinir. The design of the fish would have made them appear to swim when the beaker was filled with wine. Body sherds decorated with similar design are found in the Benaki Museum and the Egyptian Islamic Museum. On the right, is an intact beaker with fish design, attributed to the glassworks in Aleppo

Most of the hooded saucer lamps found at Tuneinir are glazed. Unglazed lamps of this style have previously not been identified in either the Ayyubid or Abbasid loci at Tuneinir. It resembles the blue glazed hooded saucer lamps of the Ayyubid Period, but it is smaller and more delicately crafted.

Unglazed cup discovered in locus 204039. It is decorated with a band of combed lines along the side of the body. The small, slashed glaze bowl was found in the same locus as the unglazed cup.

Copper Artuqid coin from locus 760001. Obverse shows a seated ruler of Mardin with Kufic Arabic legend Al Nasir al-Din Artuq Arslan. Mint date is given as AH 628 = AD 1230.

Unglazed, red ware cooking pot discovered in locus 747018 by Patrick Berger. The lower half of the vessel is ribbed.

Olive Green bottle neck with fluted design discovered in locus 788003 by Jim Reardon. This specimen resembles an Ayyubid Period glass example (vessel 15) from Qars al-Hayr

Iron camel bell found by Chip Clatto in locus

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