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Learn Simple Arabic

It is always an advantage to know few words in Arabic before visiting Bahrain. Learn in a simple format more about how things could be pronounced (in Arabic) and what they mean and when you should use them.

  1. Arabic Language Guide

    Speaking Arabic is not difficult-even for those who consider to be bad at language. You need just to try.

    Etiquette is important in Arabic. Indeed , you must know something about when you decide to visit any Arabic Country and try to learn something about their language.

    To enable you to speak good Arabic your have to consider the Right Pronunciation.

    Arabic words in the text are intended to be pronounced exactly as the English spelling suggests, There are some sounds, however which are not found in English and these are as follows:

    Where necessary the stress syllable is underlined. Double consonants are given extra stress. Finally the definite article "al" is linked to its noun or adjective by a hyphen


  2. aa is pronounced as "a" in "father"
    ow is pronounced as "ow" in "how"
    u is pronounced as "u" in "put"
    dh is pronounced as "th" in "the"
    kh is pronounced as "ch" in "loch"
    gh is pronounced as "r" in French "rue"
    au is pronounced as "eye"
    q is pronounced as guttural "k"
    q is pronounced as glottal stop


    Where necessary the stress syllable is underlined. Double consonants are given extra stress. Finally the definite article "al" is linked to its noun or adjective by a hyphen


  3. Greetings
    English Arabic Comments
    Peace be with you
    And with you peace
    As-salaam alaykum
    Wa alaykum as-salaam
    General Greeting
    General Greeting -Reply
    Hello Greeting
    Hello Greeting -Reply
    How are you
    Thanks be to God
    Kayf haalak
    Al-humdoolillah bikhair
    How are you greeting
    (to a man)
    How are you?
    Thanks be to God-well done
    Kayf haalek
    Al-humdoolillah bikhair
    How are you greeting
    (to a woman)
    And you ?
    Thanks be to God
    Wa inta
    Good Morning
    Good Morning
    Sabaah al-khair
    Sabaah an-noor
    Morning greeting
    Morning greeting -Reply
    Good afternoon
    Good afternoon
    Masaa al-khair
    Masaa an-noor
    Good afternoon and
    Good evening
    Greeting & Reply
    Good night
    Good night to you
    Tisbah ala khair
    Wa inta min ahla
    Good night greeting
    Good bye
    Good bye
    Maa as-salaama
    Allah yisullmak
    Good bye greeting
    See you tomorrow
    You have honoured me/us
    Aashoofak bukra
    See you tomorrow

    4- Shopping

    Wayn "maktab al-bareed" minfudluk?

    Where is the "post office" please?
    The words below can be substituted between the inverted commas in this sentence:


    Bazar Souq
    Bank Baank
    Bookshop Maktaba
    Newsagent Mahel Jaraa'id
    Travel Agency Wakaalat Safariat
    Chemist Saidalleeya
    Antique shop Anteeqaat
    Cloths shop Mahel Malaabis
    Jeweller Mahel Jawaahir
    Photo Shop Mahel Tasweer
    Shoe Shop Mahel Ahdheeya
    Sports Shop Mahel Reeyaadeeya
    Perfumery Mahel Otoor
    Florist Zuhoor
    Tailor Khayyaat
    The words below can substituted in this sentence:


    Map of the Town Khaaritat al-balad
    Guide book of the city Kitaab daleel al-madeena
    Newspaper Jareeda
    Magazine Majalla
    Book Kitaab
    Notebook Daftar
    Dictionary Qaamoos
    Writing paper Woroq al-kitaaba
    Envelops Dhuroof
    Ink Pen Qolum hibr
    Pencil Qolum rusaas
    Tissues Mandeel woroq
    Toothbrush Fursha lil-asnaan
    Toothpaste Ma'joon lil-asnaan
    Handkerchief Mandeel
    Towel Foota
    Pills Huboob
    Film Film
    Cigarettes Sigaayer


    5-  Food and Beverage

    Minfudluk, nureed kababb

    Please, we would like kebab

    The following words may be
    substituted in this sentence:

    Fish samak
    Meat lahm
    Chicken dajaaj
    Vegetables khudhrawat
    Salad salaata
    Tomatoes tamaata
    Potatoes bataata
    Lemon laymoon
    Fruit fawaakih
    Oranges buruqaal
    Melon botteekh
    Sandwich sandweesh
    Bread khubz
    Cheese jubna
    Butter zibda
    Eggs baydh
    Boiled maslooq
    Roasted maqlee
    Coffee qahwa
    Water moya
    Milk haleeb
    Tea shai
    Sugar suk
    Salt milh
    Pepper filfil
    Soup shoorba
    Rice ruz

     6-  Numbers

    1 Waahid
    2 ithnayn
    3 thalaatha
    4 arba'a
    5 khmsa
    6 sitta
    7 saba'a
    8 thamaania
    9 tisa
    10 ashara
    11 ihdashar
    12 itnaa'shar
    13 thalaathtashar
    14 arba'taa'shr
    15 khamsataa'shar
    16 sittaa'shar
    17 saba'tashar
    18 thamanta'shar
    19 tis'ataa'shar
    20 ishreen
    30 thlaatheen
    40 arba'een
    50 khamseen
    60 sitteen
    70 saba'een
    80 thamaanee-een
    90 tis'aeen
    100 meeya


    7- .Month of the year


    January Yanayer
    February Febraier
    March Mares
    April Apreel
    May Mayo
    June Unio
    July Ulio
    August Agustus
    September Sebtember
    October October
    November Nofember
    December December
    8-  Days of the week


    Saturday Yome as-sabt
    Sunday Yome al-ahad
    Monday Yome al-ithnayn
    Tuesday Yome ath-thalaatha
    Wednesday Yome al-arba'a
    Thursday Yome al-khamees
    Friday Yome al-juma'a


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