The Syria of today offers tourists as much a cultural experience as a sightseeing one, where ancient history provides a fascinating backdrop to everyday life on the streets                          


Culture in Syria

Culture in Syria is linked to its heritage and to the influences inherited from the various civilizations which succeeded each other over its lands: its libraries are full of rare manuscripts and priceless paintings and works of art. These libraries are found in the various cultural and educational institutions but the most important of them is Al-Asad public library, The modern and contemporary cultural edifice which contains most of the rare and priceless manuscripts beside great numbers of books, publications and paintings old and modern.
The availability of these reference books encourage cultural activities in Syria. Not one week passes without intellectual conferences, fairs and seminars are held in universities, museums, cultural centers in Damascus and all other Syrian towns and townships.
Several exhibition halls exist which present the latest masterpieces of Syrian plastic art painters.

Al-Assad Library

Al-ASSAD library is considered "The national library" of "Syrian Arab Republic". It was inaugurated on /November 16/1984/ under the leader president HAFEZ AL-ASSAD's auspices. The library lies in the west part of Damascus city and overlooks into [UMAWYEEN square]. The library covers an area of [22000 m sq], and it is surrounded by a landscape ground (gardens) which extends on a space of [6.000 m sq]. The complex (buildings) of the library comprises of nine floors.

Being "The national library" of the Syrian Arab Republic, AL-ASSAD library's first task is to gather all books and daily issues in addition to all kinds of literature connected with our "ancestral cultural legacy", then to sort out these materials to serve researchers and scholars and benefit them. The library has interest also in modern cultural legacy of all its kinds. As for our ancient cultural legacy (scripts) the library tries to gather all what is available of these scripts to preserve them by conserving maintenance and storing in suitable "warehouses".
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The High Institute of Music

The Syrian Conservatory Institution is the premier academy for the study of music in Syria.
Students develop high musical competencies in areas such as performance, composition, and production.
One of our primary goals is to foster western music and to convey oriental music to the world.

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Dar Al-Assad for Arts & Culture

Just off a central roundabout in Damascus, adjacent to the Higher Institute of Drama & Music off Beirut Street, looms a tall marble building. Combining Western architectural features with Arabesque designs.
The new Dar Al-Assad Opera House for Arts & Culture, opened in 7th May 2004, is Syria's most recent attempt to boost its arts and culture scene and bring international performances to the country.
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