The Syria of today offers tourists as much a cultural experience as a sightseeing one, where ancient history provides a fascinating backdrop to everyday life on the streets                          


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Historical Maps


Syria_Site_300dpi.gif (37076 bytes) Map of ancient sites of the Middle East. Many ancient civilizations existed on the Syrian soil. This map displays some of the ancient sites in Syria and the Middle East.
Arabic_Ascendency_1884.jpg (299295 bytes) Map of the Great Umayyad Empire, with a small map of its capital, Damascus. This empire was the greatest in the world in the 7th and 8th centuries under Caliph Walid I. The map dates back to 1884
map.gif (8082 bytes) Another map of the Umayyad Empire at its greatest extent.
saladin.jpg (145443 bytes) The Crusaders Principalities in Syria and Palestine and the Empire of Saladin, who defeated the Crusaders at the battle of Hittin
ottosul.jpg (130230 bytes) The Ottoman Empire (16th and 17th centuries). The Ottomans occupied the Middle East including Syria in 1516. Their occupation lasted till 1918.
Damascus2_1912.jpg (374993 bytes) The city of Damascus, 1912. From a guide book on "Palestine and Syria".
partition.gif (14915 bytes) 1947 UN Partition plan for Palestine. The plan gave the Jewish state 58% of Palestine's area despite the fact that Jews were only 30% of Palestine's population.
1948.jpg (28510 bytes) The Arab armies attack in the Palestine War 1948. Arabs achieved initial victories. Before accepting a short truce, during which Israel strengthened its troops with new weapons.
1949.jpg (22619 bytes) Armistice lines 1949. The war ended with Israel occupying 78% of Palestine. But the Arab-Israeli conflict was only at its beginning.
1967.gif (12887 bytes) Israeli aggression against Arab countries, June 1967. During a six-day-war, Israel occupied Egyptian Sinai, the West Bank of Jordan and the Syrian Golan Heights.
syria.gif (13662 bytes) Syrian attack in the Golan Heights during the October War 1973. Syrians were only few kilometers away from the Sea of Galilee. Israel would have suffered a disastrous defeat without the massive American military aid.
golan map.jpg (90112 bytes) Golan Heights (1974-1999), After the October War 1973, Syria liberated some land in the Golan. This is how the Golan looks today, with many Israeli settlements built in it against all international laws and UN resolutions.
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