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The Golan Heights


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Ruins of al-Quneitra, the main city of the Golan. When Syrians liberated Quneitra in 1974, they were shocked to find out that the city was deliberately destroyed by the Israelis using explosives and bulldozers.

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Wire fences and mine fields separate Syrians from their occupied land. In the background, Israeli military installations can be seen on hill tops.


majdal_shams2.jpg (388841 bytes)

The village of Majdal Shams, inside the occupied part of the Golan, viewed here from the 'Shouting Hill', where Syria citizens talk to their families across the frontlines using loudspeakers.

hamza2.jpg (356027 bytes)

Mohammad Hamza (Right), sits on the ruins of his grandfather's house. His family was forced to leave Quneitra in 1967 and never came back.


hospital2.jpg (435785 bytes)

Inside the hospital of Quneitra. During their occupation of the city, the Israelis used this hospital as a target training field

crossing2.jpg (321084 bytes)

The crossing point into the occupied part of the Golan. It is only used by Syrian students who live in the occupied Golan and study in Syrian universities.


flag2.jpg (371427 bytes)

Syrian flag flies over the Syrian side of the crossing


church2.jpg (466907 bytes)

What remained from the Church of Quneitra.
Everything inside was looted by the Israelis, including some ancient icons.

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