The Syria of today offers tourists as much a cultural experience as a sightseeing one, where ancient history provides a fascinating backdrop to everyday life on the streets                          


Pictures From The Syrian History


The first Syrian National Football Team, during the a qualifying game in Turkey in 1947

Nuri Ibish, a youth leader and politician in Syria, during a football match in Damascus in 1910. Along with some friends Ibish introduced football to Damascus in 1910 and by 1912 the game had become very popular in Syria. A Ottoman-Syrian football team was created called al-Helal

The first official football match was held on the outskirts of Damascus in the Mezzeh district in 1919, under the patronage of King Faysal I, the post-Ottoman ruler of Syria. It was between the Syrian team and troops from the British Army stationed in Syria after World War I. The Syrian team won by 4 points and Faysal rewarded each player with a gold watch

A picture of third-class train passengers in Syria in 1908. This was on the Hijaz Railway connecting Damascus to Medina. The first train had reached Medina coming from Damascus on August 22, 1908

A photograph of an American tourist in Syria in 1870. The A

Queen Hazima, wife of King Faysal I, the first and only queen in modern Syrian history

merican Flag is hoisted over his caravan.

A Jewish family in Damascus, pictured in their ancient Damascene home, in Ottoman Syria in 1901.

A poster announcing the arrival of the Syrian Reverend Barakat to preach about Christianity in the United States in 1896. It reads “A thrilling experience” and adds “the first as of yet the only minister preaching in this country from Damascus.” The cost of attendance was 20 cents and the ceremony was held in Iowa

Crowds gathered on Victoria Bridge in Damascus in the 1870s. They are picnicking on the banks of the River Barada, probably on a Friday. This bridge was removed in 1925 but the spot is still called Victoria Bridge. It was named after the nearby Victoria Hotel, which was also removed. The hotel was the largest tourist hotel in Syria, owned by Ahmad Izzat al-Abid, the private advisor to the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II. The area seen in the picture is now completely covered in a broad avenue named Shukri al-Quwatli Street

A barber shop in old Damascus. This picture was taken in 1900.

The Hijaz Railway Station in Damascus during World War I. The station was not build until after 1912 but the Damascus-Medina railroad had been created in 1908. The Hijaz Station has been designed by the Spanish architect Fernando de Aranda, who combined Western and Oriental elements. The building is still considered one of the most beautiful in Syria

town in the Syrian interior, by the Syrian Greek Orthodox clergy of Hama. The picture was taken in Ottoman Syria at the turn of the 20th century. Tsar Nicolas II had strong influence in the Greek Orthodox Church under the Ottoman Empire. He continued to act as its protector until he was toppled by the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917

Syrian schoolchildren in New York during World War I, in 1914

A Syrian businessman in the United States decides to go back to "Damascus Turkey" after Sultan Abdul Hamid granted the Ottoman citizens a new constitution in 1908. (From the collection of Dr. Jean Otrakji).

Rushdi al-Shama, the deputy for Damascus in the Ottoman Parliament who was executed for his views on Arabism by Jamal Pasha, the Military Governor of Syria, on May 6, 1916

Abd al-Hamid al-Zahrawi, an Arab nationalist from Homs, who served as a deputy in the Ottoman Empire and chaired the first Arab Congress in Paris in 1913, calling for reforms in the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire. He was executed by Jamal Pasha, the Military Governor of Syria, on May 6, 1916

Rafiq Sallum, a journalist and early advocate of Arab nationalism, who was executed by Jamal Pasha, the Military Governor of Syria, on May 6, 1916

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